Instagram Plugin Tutorial

The Instagram Plugin syncs your Instagram account to your app. It also allows you to sync in a hashtag feed instead. Use it to display photos in a pleasing and organized manner and feel free to control the sizing of the images to your liking. Pro Tip 1: If you […]

Type Form Plugin Tutorial

More plugins for surveys and forms was one of our more highly-requested features, so here’s one of them! TypeForm is an awesome third-party application that you can use to create surveys and forms through. After you’ve created one, all you have to do is copy the link and insert it into […]

Google Slides Plugin Tutorial

With the Google Slides Plugin, you can now gives you users access to preview your presentations right in your app. This is a very handy tool for teachers to upload lecture slides, speakers and professionals to showcase their conference slides, and for the internal company use of meeting slides to […]

Google Forms Plugin Tutorial

To to popular request, we have now added the Google Forms Plugin to our collection of features. By just inserting the URL to your form into the plugin, users now have access to fill out your form. Pro Tip 1: Use this to gather feedback from your customers on anything […]

Google Docs Plugin Tutorial

Our Google Docs Plugin allows your users to view or edit any shared Google Doc file. While already a powerful collaboration tool on its own, we’ve made it even better by allowing you to insert it into your app simply by pasting a link. Pro Tip 1: Make sure your Google Doc file’s […]

Google Sheets Plugin Tutorial

Along with our Google Forms, Docs, and Slides Plugins, we’ve also released the Google Sheets Plugin Tutorial. Now sharing your latest company budget or sign-up sheet for your organization’s next event has never been easier. Use the Preview mode to allow your users to only view the document, and Editable […]