How to access your Google Play Publishing Key

Google Play now requires a publishing key when publishing Android apps. To find and access your key, we’ve put together step-by-step instructions for you. Step-by-Step Instructions 1. Open the Google Play Console 2. Select Settings tab, followed by the API access tab 3. Click the Create Service Account button and […]

Product Update: In-App Purchases

About In-App Purchases If you want to monetize your app by utilizing In-App Purchases, this product update is for you. Whether you’re… An educator who wants to sell curriculum A band who wants to sell exclusive content A content creator who wants to sell premium content An app that sells […]

How to Set Up In-App Purchases in iTunes Connect for iOS

Configuring In-App Purchases (IAP) in iTunes Connect Important Note: The first submission of IAP requires a new version to be submitted to Apple and Google. Subsequent submissions of IAPs, however, do not require a new app submission. Step 1: Set up Agreements, Tax, and Banking. This is very important. If […]

How to Setup In-App Purchases in Your Control Panel

Step 1: Setup your products in iTunes Connect (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android) Before you set up your products in your control panel, you’ll need to follow the steps in these articles: How to set up products in iTunes Connect for your iOS app How to set up […]

Using the Media Library

In this article we will show you how to upload images to the media library, then use them in the app. The media library allows you to upload photos and use them throughout the app. NOTE: You can upload any image(s) in jpg, jpeg, or png format under 10MB and […]

Working with App Artwork

Your app’s artwork is a vital component in making your app look awesome and appealing to your user base. Not only have we done the heavy lifting for you by providing you with several layouts per plugin, but we’ve also created a file that contains all the necessary templates for […]

Shopify eCommerce Plugin Tutorial

With the Shopify eCommerce Plugin, you can instantly turn your Shopify store into a mobile app! All you need to do is enter your store name and, BAM!, you’re good to go. Pro Tip: Push Notifications Utilize the Shopify Plugin with push notifications to drive traffic and response. Have a sale or […]

Social Wall Plugin Tutorial

The Social Wall Plugin is an amazing way to keep your users engaged and allow them to communicate regularly with one another. Pro Tip: Using Folders to Organize Your Content If you would like to use multiple Social Wall Plugins for various topics or purposes, you can use the Folder […]